【SOLD】WTS 65m SP Focused Avatar Pilot

  • Sec Status is -1.19 (no high sec issues)
  • Is in an NPC corp
  • Sat in HG Amulet clone w/ HG-1008 in Aridia LowSec
  • Wallet is positive
  • No killrights
  • Comes with the following Avatar SKINs: Cold Iron, Exoplanets Hunter, Glacial Drift, Headhunter, Imperial Jubilee, Kador, Khanid and Purity of the Throne
  • I will pay transfer fee and ISK should be sent to this character

Starting Bid: 65b
Buyout: Open to sensible offers

Please do not evemail this character, I will most likely not see it. Mails should be directed to Le Prospecteur instead or post in this thread.

60b offer

As agreed ingame, accepted offer of 65b.

Please send ISK and account name in evemail and I will begin transfer

ISK and Email send,please transfer.

ISK and account name received, initiating transfer

Pilot received, please close

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