( SOLD). WTS 68,45m Erebus Levi Pilot

Character is in High-Sec, has positive sec status and is in NPC corporation.
Positive wallet no killrights
2 jump clones one with high grade amulet (8b value) and one with mid grade nomad (7b value) estimated.


Gal Titan 5, Cal Titan 4
JDC 5,
both doomsday skills 5

many bus skins like:
Capsuleer Elite XV
Exoplanet Hunter
Glacial Drift
Glittering Dream
Intaki Syndicate
Kopis Edge
Ruby Stargazer
Sapphir Sungrazer

Levi Skin
Raata Sunset

feel free to make offers

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55B offer

i think min offer would be 80b

I give up

I think 55 is very fair.

ill offer 60bill above fair :stuck_out_tongue:

ill offer 65b for this character

bump char still available

still looking for buyer

66b offer

looking for a little bit more

still for sale

still here

45B offer

still for sale

48b offer

52 bil

52.5b offer

54.5b offer

55.5b offer