[SOLD} WTS 77m SP Minmatar/ Marshal pvp Character

Positive Wallet
No Kill rights
No Jump Clones
Located in Jita
in NPC corp
77m skill points
Full set of standard learning implants
Highly skilled subcap pvp pilot
Can fly all Minmatar subcaps, t1 t2 and t3 and Concord ships including Marshal

Min bid 60bil b/o 75bil

56bil buy out. Isk in hand

No way I could let her go for less than 60.
Thank you for your offer though.

Daily bump
Shes a great find for anyone looking for a black ops/ cov ops/ recon/ t3 pvp pilot.
Great scanning skills too. Would make a great h/k pilot…

57b offer

No way I could let her go for less than 60.
Thank you for your offer though.

60b isk in hand

Thank you for your bid, I will wait 48 hours and if you are the highest bid at that time, I will accept.

No problem, but I will still looking then

offer canceled, sorry

Thank you for your bid.
38 hours from now, if your bid is the highest, I will accept if there is no higher bid.

58bil buy out. isk in hand. Not waiting around for 2 days

Since there are no bids that meet my bottom criteria, the sale will go on. Thank you to those that have already bid, but I absolutely will not accept any bid under 60bil. I know what shes worth, so the first bid at or over 60bil will get this character.
Thank you.

59b b/o

Make it 60 and we have a deal.

Daily bump

Daily bump. Great toon, still looking for a new home. Ill take the first 60 bil or better offer. No waiting.

60B B/O

felipehuang Vyvorant Offer accepted. Please send isk and info and I will begin the transfer. Thank you.

61B offer