[SOLD] WTS 8.7 mil SP (mining) pilot

empty wallet

no kill rights

no jump clones

default remap, two remaps available

+3 implants

parked in jita

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Kiva_Hariere, password: qwe

Repair link plz.

5b ,isk ready online now

Link is dead.


link fixed

5.1B, isk ready now

5.5Bil Ready now

6 bil offer

daily bump

7B but looking to transfer today. If accepted isk is ready


This guy will rip you off.


how so?

That’s what he does. You should be safe as long as you get the ISK up front. Don’t trust any other deals he might offer you.

This guy is going to be banned… He been spamming every post and in game mails for a week… What he doesnt want to say is he sold his toon to me with ships on it still and expects it all back… There was no ripping anyone off … Reported again… Hope ccp takes action soon

He has problems… We agreed on price i sent the isk … He sent toon and thats it…

7.2B ISK

got an in game offer for 7.25B

No thanks. I won’t go higher.

isk and info send