SOLD - WTS 88mil Subcap pvp pilot

88.5 million Total SP, including 3.2 mill unallocated SP
HACs, battleships, covops V, Recon V, bomb-deployment V, Logi cruiser V

~74 billion ISK in extractable SP value

Would make a fine subcap/bomber alt, or a starting point for a FAX pilot, and still have plenty of SP to extract!
Also includes awesomely long character name.

Timed remap available now
1 Bonus remap

No killrights.

Jump clones:
+4 Training clone in DOH6
Mid-grade amulet pod (no omega) in DOH6
Currently in Amarr with a few training implants.


65B offer

70B offer

74 b isks ready

75B offer

78 b isks online

Accepted for : 78 billion.

Send the ISK and account name via EVE mail and I will kick off a transfer in a few hours.

iskies and info sent

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