SOLD --WTS Adrestia

As title says, I’m looking to sell an Adrestia. No current offers on it, as of yet.

I cannot be contacted in game under this name, so please post any offers here.

I’ll let this thread continue until around noon Eastern USTZ, the day after Christmas (December 26, 2023).


I’ll start it off for 350.

Good starting offer, thanks! Like I said in the OP, I’ll leave this up until the day after Christmas. If no other offers though, we’ll work out the details!

It’s a good offer period - more than it’s worth. I’d take it.

With no other interest, I’m ready to accept your offer if you are still interested!

I’m interested in buying this. Please contact me if the current offer falls through.

Also looking for an Utu.

Throw it up to Truly Unhinged Behaviour, thanks.

Contract is posted!

Sold! Thank you and merry Christmas everyone!

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