SOLD - WTS Arthanor & C3 [cata] w/ HS Static

We’re moving out, after about 6 months, the corp is getting bored, we want to do other things. This sale includes 1 Athanor, fitted for reactions and defense, and fueled.

System Information:

3rd Party Pocos, but in 6 months we’ve not seen them enter the WH. All but 1 POCO is 1% tax - great for PI. All sticks are dead.

Athanor is anchored near a moon and ready for moon mining, fueled and online.

EvePraisal estimate:

  • 1x Athanor
  • 8,110x Helium Fuel Block
  • 1,089 Hydrogen Fuel Block
  • 1x Standup XL Energy Neutralizer I
  • 1x Standup Multirole Missile Launcher I
  • 1x Standup Stasis Webifier I
  • 1x Standup Focused Warp Disruptor I
  • 1x Standup Target Painter I
  • 1x Standup Ballistic Control System I
  • 1x Standup Composite Reactor I
  • 2,000x Standup Cruise Missile
  • 3,913x Standup Heavy Missile

Asking Price
1.4b - which is 1.2b for the Athanor setup and 200m for the hole. May negotiate on price just so I don’t have to unanchor this damn thing.

are there a lot of content for pve?

Oh yea, mainly during the week though. Since it has a HS static the weekends get busy depending on where you end up. For a full week though we did have a ton of Anoms that no one ran like Solar Cells and Fortification Frontier’s

Hi! I’m interesting to buy.

Hey @Ellyrium I will be online all weekend. I will DM you the exit system when I get home in game. I will also update this thread as well. ( when i dm you )

Message sent in-game, will release entry point once interest is confirmed and questions are answered.

Interest confirmed, this is now pending sale.


Got it. Pleasure to do business with!

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