[Sold] WTS C4 Red Giant (C3/C5). Would suit PvP Oriented Corp

Previous buyer did not come through so relisting.

Comes with 1 fully fit Astra + 1 unfit Raitaru (Combined value around 3 bil)

Structures are anchored on Sun Grid.

4 bil asking pirce

Convo or message me in game. Serious offers entertained.

***Please feel free to use a broker should you choose to but be aware that this will be at your expense.

Still available.

Looking to move into a wormhole? WH Corp looking for a new home?

Message me…


WH is still available.

Very interested. Can I get the j-code for system size, kb, planets, ect?

Sorry been very afk this week.

Still interested?

Still available.

PS. Pls don’t just reply here but contact me via in-game msg.

I’ll take it. Sent in game msg as I tried to convo and you were not online. Convo me pls.

Replied your in game mail dude…

Still for sale

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