Sold - WTS Chemosh BPC

38 billies

located in jita

25 Billion isk

i’ll swap it for a minmatar fort


up …

thats a bump

contract it for 30b to me

I offer 35 for chemosh, if you interested in.

I will sell it to you in 24 hours from this post for 35b, should there be no greater bids. (40b is still an instant buy-out)

13 hours left on this sale

36B, isk ready

2 hours and the contract is yours, should no one outbid you

Contract has been issued to @Morbid_Albino. I will update if and when they accept it. Until then the 40b instant-buyout bid is still in effect, anything between 36 and 40 will be ignored as of now.


contract has expired, current highest bid is 35 by @Negodjay

buyout lowered to 38b

still for sale

my 30b offer stands

Sold for 38b.

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