(SOLD) WTS Hulk/PI Toon 7.8M SP


100 ISK in Wallet

Starting Bid of 4B, buyout at 6.25B

I’ll start with 3.75bill, but only due to wasted skills and lacks important skills such as cybernetics.


5B b/o

5.1b b/o

5.2B b/o


5.6B b/o

If 5.6 stands after I get home from work in about 5 hours I will start the character transfer process

can offer 6.25b buyout but wont be home until tn approx. 6 hours.

6.5B b/o

r00t b33r has the buyout at 6.25B. If he wishes he may defer the sale to Ella at 6.5B. I will give 48 hours to r00t to reply.

will defer to ella goose. Cheers

Isk and account info have been sent!

Transfer has begun. Dymitria has been sold for 6.5B, thank you to everyone who showed interest.

Character received thanks!

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