(SOLD) WTS Hulk/PI Toon 7.8M SP

(Dymitria) #1


100 ISK in Wallet

Starting Bid of 4B, buyout at 6.25B

(Gevork mkrtchyan) #2

I’ll start with 3.75bill, but only due to wasted skills and lacks important skills such as cybernetics.

(Mad Vemane) #3


(Ella Goose) #4

5B b/o

(Mad Vemane) #5

5.1b b/o

(Ella Goose) #6

5.2B b/o

(Mad Vemane) #7


(Ella Goose) #8

5.6B b/o

(Dymitria) #9

If 5.6 stands after I get home from work in about 5 hours I will start the character transfer process

(r00t b33r) #10

can offer 6.25b buyout but wont be home until tn approx. 6 hours.

(Ella Goose) #11

6.5B b/o

(Dymitria) #12

r00t b33r has the buyout at 6.25B. If he wishes he may defer the sale to Ella at 6.5B. I will give 48 hours to r00t to reply.

(r00t b33r) #13

will defer to ella goose. Cheers

(Ella Goose) #14

Isk and account info have been sent!

(Dymitria) #15

Transfer has begun. Dymitria has been sold for 6.5B, thank you to everyone who showed interest.

(Ella Goose) #16

Character received thanks!

(system) #17

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