(SOLD) WTS - Mining/Ratting Null Sec Alt (8M SP)

This Alt flys a Hulk and a Dominx for Mining and Ratting in Null Sec

  • Will have Positive Sec status when sold.
  • Will have positive Wallet balance.
  • Will be in NPC corp in Jita at time of sale
  • No kill rights

Pilot Link

Open to reasonable offers.


The Charakter you are Selling here, has to confirm with his own Forumsaccount that he is for sale .

I’m for sale

I will offer 5B.

@Bluebird_severasse Welcome to the community,

I accept your offer. Once funds and character information has been received I will initiate the transfer. Will look to progress this transaction with other sales in about 12 hours time.


ISk and transfer info sent.

@Bluebird_severasse thanks, please give me 8 hours so that I can finish work and make the transfer. I’ll respond here once transfer logged. Thanks

@Bluebird_severasse Hi there, sorry for the delay, payment received and transaction initiated. Thank you for you business