SOLD-WTS - Muliple role 83.2 mil sp pilot

Location: DOCKED Amarr VII Oris- Emperor Family Academy Hi sec
Sec Status: 0.5
ISK : 0
Jump Clones: 0
Kill Rights: 0
Curretly in NPC Corp
Has not been banned for Macro use
Pilot has KB

Abides by CCP rules

Starting at 60 bil


Currently highest bidder will wait 12 hours if its still the highest bid we will go from there

Changing bid from 64 to 63

Kazim you are the highest bidder when i get up in the morning and you are still the highest shes yours


64 bill accepted mail info and send money to this character in game

isk sent and account info sent via in-game mail. Thanks!

isk recieved character transfer initiated marking char as sold

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