(SOLD) - WTS myself - 130m SP (+2.780.711 Unallocated)

Born 18.01.2010
NPC corporation
Docked Highsec
No kill rights
Empty wallet

Scanner, Production / Processing, Carrier / dread, Max Tech 3 Loki, Legion, Proteus.

Before I strip myself, wanna see if anyone wanna welcome me into their account.

Skill injector / extractor value if stripped = 102 748 600 000 (with Jita current buy / sell posts.)
Value of character and injected skills = 105 097 291 245

Instant Buyout 100b
Happy bidding!

Daily bump

Daily bump

91b offer

Not high enough.

How prince can you accept?

I would take 100

Daily - Bump!

Daily - Bump!

96B offer

I want 100, you write 96… Meet me half way at 98b ?

But alas, I only have 96Bil ISK

Thank you for the offer, but then I will wait.

Daily - Bump!

Daily - Bump!

97.5 bil

Ok. I accept that. Send iskies and account info please !

ISK sent, account info evemailed.

ISK received, transfer initiated.
Thx and good luck!

Char received