SOLD WTS perfect paladin toon 28m sp

has mid grade Asklepian implants
is maxed for paladin skills
is in jita
has good sec status
is remapped for perc/will, next remap available at 2018.09.14

won’t go for less than 22.5b, has 6 days left on sub so will sell a little before that ends most likely

18.0 b

23b , i can stay online in two hours for do so.

if he doesn’t take it I will for 23b

I am ready to do the 23 b

i accept your offer of 23b inactive seller, send isk when ready

Let me go to a computer with eve an d i transfer in less than an hour.

Edit : i sell a bunch of plex in perimeter and dont receive the amonut yet, i am checkin, when i receive i do the transfer ASAP.

Isk and account sent, sorry for the delay

made transfer petition

Wow, finally received four days later =)

yeah they were not fast in responding to ticket sorry for the delay but glad it worked out in end

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