[SOLD] WTS Supercarrier Nyx Pilot 47 M SP

Jita 4-4
Full High-grade Amulet
positive wallet 113m
with no kill rights
NPC corporation

Starting price 50b
B/o 55b

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Still for sale?

Yes, of course


respond or counter else wil go somewhere else in 12 hours

Iā€™m so sorry, but I will not respond in the future to any offers below the stated starting prices. Good luck

ok51 b

Bid accepted, 24 hours if no one bids more, we will begin the transfer process

okay cool

i am just rebidding as elayane insane charc will be biomassed so i am same person 51b

Okay, Iā€™m waiting for a transaction from you

The character remains for sale as there is no transfer of isk.

45bill offer

Valid for 6 hours

46b :slight_smile:

47bill offer