(Steve Romeo) #1


wts this charakter PW: 2824

  • all ccp rules

  • no killrights

  • Highsec

  • pos wallet

  • 2 remaps

B/O 3b

(Dark Matter Haylcon) #2


(Steve Romeo) #3



(Red Lola) #4

3B here

(Steve Slider) #5

pls send acc and isk to Steve Romeo

(Medif Hekki) #6

Unless this is too late I will give you 3.5b for this toon

(Steve Romeo) #7

Be fast with the isk then pls :wink:

(Medif Hekki) #8

I’ll PM you in game

edit : PM sent

(Medif Hekki) #9

Isk and account info sent

(Steve Romeo) #10

Isk and accountinfo received

(Medif Hekki) #11

When can I expect this to be processed?

(Steve Romeo) #12

Hey, sorry for delay - transfer started. I couldnt transfer the charakter yesterday because there was already another transfer on the same account, so i had to wait. But now its running