Char sold

I thought you just sold this to @Mj11jM_Hegirin

83 bil

Uhhh, yeah. WTF @Oberon_DMD? 2019.01.18 23:10:17 Player Donation -95,000,000,000.00 ISK [r] Vandermark deposited cash into Oberon DMD’s account

Either send my isk back, or start the transfer. Failing either of those, have fun feeling the effects of scamming on the bazaar

Character is sold to Mj11jM_Hegirin already

so then why did you make another sale thread 24 hours later?

Then why is this reposted as a new post? And why do I not have the character?


Waiting answer from CCP

What’s the support ticket number you are waiting on?

I cant remember it now If it’s close to what it should be I’ll believe you, otherwise I am making my own.

Thank you @Vulgus_Carovigra for the mention. Probably would not have seen this otherwise.

@Mj11jM_Hegirin my last 4 attempts to buy a character have been a scam, just trying to look out for people

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You were actively replying until I asked for the one number that would help save you.

Please also be acutely aware that scamming using character sales is a violation of the EVE Online EULA, and any individuals found to be involved in character sales scams will be permanently banned from EVE Online across all their accounts with no recourse.

So, please. What is the 6 digit number for the support ticket you filed to use plex as a transfer? I’ll give you an hour, more than enough since you had 22 since this post WTS 120 m SP indy toon - #8 by Mj11jM_Hegirin before you made a new WTS. After the hour, I am filing a scam ticket.

Screenshots were taken of the OP and all subsequent posts before you removed them all. So I will have the evidence of the repost, and attempt at hiding/removal.