I 10B

I accept

so what next? i am first time use this.

Send me isk, and mail your account login.
after that, I’ll send you a character

ok, can you give me few hour to sell my APLX?

if there is a proposal within 5 hours. I’ll take it

wait, my price is 10B, Are you clear?

yes. if I am offered more within 5 hours, I will accept

10.5 bil can pay within 1 hour

ok.I’ll take it if there are no more offers.

Please reply ‘offer accept’ or sth means the same here,Im online.

offer accept 10.5b

isk and mail sent ,slot confirmed.
please let me know if you start transfer : )

Transfer done. Thank you!

Didn’t recieved the mail from ccp. Will start a ticked in 12 hours confirm the transfer.

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