parked in NPC station in Lonetrek
sell by contract
has 3 Large Trimarkd Armor Pump II (was fitted before capital rig)
Fighter Bay
8 - cyclops I
18 - dragonfly I
12 - einherji I
18 - firbolg I
8 - malleus I
8 - mantis I
8 - tyrfing I

Starting price 11 bil
B/O 15 bil

11b offer


12bil offer


13b :slight_smile:




14b :smiley:

14bil accepted will get contract up tomorrow when I get off work

14,25 bil

Haven’t gotten the contract :frowning:

just got home going up in a few mins

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contract up

Acepted , and thanks for staying to your word not many people would take the lower offer just because they agreed on it before my respect sir :slight_smile:

noprob enjoy the ship

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