(Dave Starblaster) #1

Dave Starblaster
Pass: 1234

Located at Jita.
Positive wallet
Will pay transfer fees.
Want to clear character slot.
Used to extract sps previously.
Cybernetics IV.

3.5 B - negotiable :wink:


(Sasheria Windsong) #2


(Zuki Moto) #3

3.5 - available for the next hour

(Zuki Moto) #4

offer retracted

(Sasheria Windsong) #5

3.5 considering 3bill only covers transfer costs

(Dave Starblaster) #6

3.5 B to Sasheria Windsong
Please send details.
Still very confused with this new forum interface.

(Duke Eyrou) #7

Is this sale concluded ? - if not Ill offer 3.5

I am online now and for another few hours

(Dave Starblaster) #8

Since no reply from above / confrimation.
Waited about a day.
Will continue with sale.
Duke Eyrou , tried contacting you online but i was late. TZ diff.

Leaving this open for all again.

(Duke Eyrou) #9

Are you online now?
3.5 bil

(Dave Starblaster) #10

SOLD to Duke

(Duke Eyrou) #11

ISK and account details sent

(Dave Starblaster) #12

We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred will remain on your account until the process is complete, but will not be playable during this time.

Character Name: Dave Starblaster

Will be completed after: 8/19/2017 4:08:43 PM

Thank You !