5.2m SP Cap Sitting starter.
Has a full set of +5’s
Remap available now

Starting 4b
B/O 6b

Has some cap skills injected:
Capital Repair Systems
Capital Ships
Gallente Carrier

Drone Interfacing 5
Drones 5
Jump Drive Operation 5
Jump Drive Calibration 4
Cybernetics 5

Ill start, 4b

Offer 5.5 bill

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Close enough to the B/O send me the account name and i’ll start the transfer.

Cool. I’m out of town till this evening. Will transfer the ISK then.

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ISK sent to Tandrell. Eve mail sent with name of the account to transfer it to.

I never received the ISK or in game mail? Can you confirm you sent it and to the correct character?

I believe you sent it to the incorrect “TandreIl” i’d advise opening a CCP Ticket. Also copy and paste the name from the forums as it looks like there are 2-3 other almost identically named characters. Or you can send it to “Mr-Rens”.


FYI I’ve also opened a ticket to assist.


I’ve attached the market transaction window showing the ISK transfer. It shows that it was deposited to someone with the exact spelling “Tandrell”, which is who CCP requires I send the ISK to for payment. Hopefully, we can find the error.!

Roman, can you send me your CCP Support Ticket # so that i can put it in my ticket as well to help to GM Link the 2 support cases? MY Support Ticket ID is 926376 if you’d like you include that in yours aswell.

I haven’t created a support ticket yet thinking you might have since found the ISK. You’re saying your character name ends in “il”, instead of “ll”?

Even ingame, your name looks like “ll”. Very tricky. haha

Guess I will also create a support ticket and just include your ticket number also.

Yea sorry i did not realize someone had an almost identical name… I’ve added you as a contact ingame so you have the correct toon. Sorry for the confusion, if you copy and paste the name from the forums in game it will find the right one…
I’d suggest opening a support ticket to explain the confusion to the GM and include my ticket # (926376) so that he can see the correct accounts.

Almost identical name, picture, and headpiece. Both created 4 years ago and in npc corps. Wow you must have a devoted fan.

Alright, I’ll get started on creating that support ticket.

Also, I will send the ISK and Eve mail to the toon in your contact link ingame.

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Also attempted to transfer the support ticket.

Received notice from EVE that character transfer process has started. Thanks for helping clear this up.

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