PW: Buyme123

Neutral Corp
-3.8 Sec Status
Located in Basgerin Keepstar (Low sec)
No Kill Rights
Positive Wallet Balance 1,173,445 isk
No Jump clones installed
High Grade Slaves + 1006 (see skillboard for full set)
Capsuleer Elite XV Skin injected
500K SP Unallocated
Able to fly Nyx

Starting bid 65b
Buy out 80b

Auction will finish 07.08.19 or when buyout is met


70 bil

Thank you for your bid, sale will remain open with a view of closing this weekend

I will accept your offer of 70b, please send isk and account info and I will initiate the transfer

isk and account info sent. Thanks

Transfer initiated, thank you and enjoy

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