Sold -

These are the skills:
No password

15.5 Mil SP
One bonus remap available
No corp history
No kill/loss mails
No jump clones
Positive wallet
Docked in High-sec - Amarr


Jump Freighter V
Amarr Freighter V

Slots 1, 3 and 4 - standard training implants

All CCP rules apply - I pay the transfer fee.

Start bids 15Bil

Transfer will take place through CCP using PLEX

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Interested does he come with a jf ?

Errr…no, sorry, can’t do that. Chars only, if you want ships you will need to look elsewhere, on the Marketplace for example.

…and she’s a she, not a he. :grinning:

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12,5 b offer… extraction value is around 10b

Thanks for the bid

15b is steap when you can get a implanted ark pilots for around 20b with 20m sp

ok 13b, last offer

Thanks for the offer but I will let it run.

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16B final offer

Captain Leeho sumtingwong

Accept bid of 16 Bil, thanks.

Please send isk and account name in-game (not on here).

Just let me know here that you have sent the isk and info.

Isk sent. In game mail of username sent aswell

Brilliant, thanks. I will start the transfer process.

As previous, transfer will take place through CCP using PLEX so could take 12 hours to 3 days. Don’t be alarmed, that’s just the way they work the PLEX transfers.