Sold ;)

7.4m SP Super Sitter

Selling myself. Pure supercarrier sitter. Can sit in all four racial supercarriers (saving 2b!) right now. Positive sec status and wallet. Located in Jita 4-4. Normal rules apply. I’m paying the transfer fee. You will need to message me from the character you bid with after you send the ISK with your account info.
password: 1234


+3 Perception
+3 Willpower

Set of +3 (except +1 Charisma)

Set of +3


  • 28,995 free SP
  • Has all 4 carrier skillbooks injected
  • 2 bonus remaps, normal remap available now
  • Not terrible name
  • JDC 4
  • JFC 4


7.5b buyout, or will take best offer that interests me.

7.5 b

isk sent

ISK received and transfer process started.

Character Name: Jack Trepid

Will be completed after: 8/31/2017 10:21:59 AM

Transfer completed

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