5,368,492 SP
2 remaps
pw 224466

Spaceship Command 5 with Gallente Frig/Destroyer/Cruiser at level 3

Great starting Drone skills!
Drone Interfacing 5
Light Drone Operation 5
Drones 5

T2 Armor Tank!
Mechanics 5
Hull Upgrades 5
Repair Systems 5

Great starting Navigation skills!
Navigation 5
Warp Drive Operation 5
Afterburner 5

Great starting engineering skills with CPU Management and Power Grid Management already at 5!

All skills needed to get started in basic industry, mining, and science already injected!

Asking 5B

ISK only accepted, NO plex
I pay the transfer fee
No Kill Rights
Positive Sec Status
Positive Wallet
Docked in Perimeter
No jump clones, No implants
Clean history!



No takers?!

Still for sale!
Great starter toon!!!


Too much. 3 bil.

No thank you.

Buyout for 4.5 Billion. Can transfer isk and info right now

@Annoyin_Pupil i accept your offer of 4.5B

I am gone for the night and wont be home until very late tmmrw (US east coast). You can send the ISK and your info and I will transfer to your account as soon as I get home!

All transactions relating to this sale will be documented on this post! Please acknowledge when you have sent the ISK and info.

Thank you

I am Central Time so if you don’t mind, I’m perfectly fine with waiting until you get home. I’m home from work by 4:00pm, sometimes a bit earlier so 5:00pm your time. Normally not in bed until 11:30. It’s up to you though, just let me know in the morning!
Thank you and I appreciate it!

@Annoyin_Pupil im on the road, ill be home later than 1130pm (my time)… more like 1am’ish…

As of now, since no ISK has been received, I AM STILL FOR SALE.

Still for sale!

Perfect :slight_smile: I’ll still be up. But like I said, if you really need that isk right now, I suppose I could go through with it. You could transfer your character with your mobile phone and then I wouldn’t have to wait so long for the transfer : )

@Annoyin_Pupil you are correct! There will be NO ISSUES! I own a trucking company, im in my rig as I type this heading down 95! Im in and out all week. My schedule/game time is very sporadic! Lets get this deal done! Send the ISK and info and ill transfer as soon as I walk in the door!

What! No way! You work in teams or is it just yourself? Man, a team can rack in some money. I’ve heard of this one team in my area that are husband and wife, they each make $120,000 a year. What rig do you drive?

A team “can” make money… all depends on the who,what, where. No team of company drivers makes 120k each! 120k split yes is realistic. Even if lets say a husband and wife owned the truck and ran a team, the truck itself is going to gross 200k-350k depending on many different things. Now factor in fuel, maintanance, taxes,etc…on a very good year they each “might” make 120k but most likely not! A solo owner would gross the same ammount and net a lot more!
Now, as an owner, again depending on many different factors, hiring a team would make more money because you could run more loads/miles AND as a company driver you could make a little more money as well in a team…

Im in my freightliner at the moment.

Too much chit chat and still no ISK! This toon is ready to go! Best offer so far is 4.5B

Still for sale!

I believe it’s their own rig and they’ve developed quite the client base. But, like you said, they won’t make that consistently but they’ll make at least 90k or more which is still good money. I’ll be home in 10 minutes. Account name will be sent and isk as well.
Sorry if I offended you or anything. My grandfather owned a semi truck at one time. Sold it for a good profit after he built it up. My father owns a construction company so, I’ve been raised in the service industry so to speak. Anytime I meet someone within the same area as my raising, I can’t help but to ask somethings.

Its all good my man! Why would I be offended?! Im just a very busy dude trying to sell off some toons!