Asking 4.5B

Advanced Spaceship Command 5
Spaceship Command 5

Minmatar Freighter 2
Minmatar Industrial 3

Industrial Command Ships, ORE Industrial, Mining Frigate, & Minmatar Frigate already injected!

Hull Upgrades 5
Mechanics 5
Shield Management 5
Navigation 5
Warp Drive Operation 5
Evasive Maneuvering 5

Industry 5
Science 5
Basic Industrial & Science skills already injected and trained 3-4

Trade 4
Accounting 4
Broker Relations 4

All drone skills and a few other useful skills already injected!
(All skills needed for the Orca)

ALL rules apply
I receive the ISK, I pay the transfer fee
Positive wallet
NPC corporation
Docked in Perimeter
No kill rights

Still for sale!

3.5b maybe get you started

@Radarman 4B and its yours


@Radarman I accept your offer of 3.75B

I await the ISK and your info.

isk transferred to yashimoto and account details sent , many thanks

@Radarman I confirm ISK was received and character Yoshimoto has been transferred to the account info you provided. I paid with credit card so it should only take 24 hours +/-.

Thanks and enjoy

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all received many thanks

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