(Jovi Ronuken) #1

Any Potential Molok Pilot just has to have the Draclira Set.

Only Armor tank missing is the ENAM

Tell me your Best price and NO I WILL NOT BREAK UP THIS SET.

(Kurvorao) #2

5 bill

(Max Duddes) #3

10 bill

(Arestes) #4

Assuming each item in the list would sell for 2 bill, that brings you to 16b for market price.
So what premium are you looking to achieve for the set?

Reason for asking, is I am interested.



(Samuel Sachs) #5


(Max Duddes) #6

15b offer

(Samuel Sachs) #7

Well 15b is also ok…

(Jovi Ronuken) #8

The current in-game offer is 25b.

(Samuel Sachs) #9

Sorry but this is not realistic

(Jovi Ronuken) #10

Then go and find this elsewhere and tell me how you go.

(Samuel Sachs) #11

TBH 25b is the price you wont not the price the items are worth…

(Jovi Ronuken) #12

TBH They are worth alot more then the pathetic 13.5b you offered.

(Samuel Sachs) #13

I raised my offer to 15b and this is a good price i think

(Jovi Ronuken) #14

It is a sellers market. Good Luck with your hunt.

(Samuel Sachs) #15

I was just interested on the set and i think according to market history for every single mod you can not get much more for this.

(Arestes) #16

Maybe yes, maybe no. However, it’s the convenience you’re paying for. By the look of the market you have to have a lot of time on your hands to put a set like that together.

FYI, I’m the guy who has offered 25b for the set. However, it’ll expire in 24 hours if the seller does not accept as I don’t really need two sets…


(Samuel Sachs) #17

I think you are just his alt trying to raise the price but good luck :joy:

(Arestes) #18

I’ve not had a good laugh like that in quite some time. Thank you.

But no, not my alt.

(system) #19

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