36bil buy out. Isk in hand

37bil bo. Isk ready

38b, isk in hand as well. 24h offer o7

40.5b offer, offer valid till 22.00 eve time.

Amelia Mendoza 40.1B

41 bill bo

42b o7

42.5 bill bo

43 bil b/o

43.5 bill bo

44b b/o

45bill bo

45.5b b/o

Thanks, I accept your offer.

I can begin the transfer process as soon as I receive the account name and payment.

Sending account name and isk shortly.

Isk Wired :white_check_mark:
Account Name Sent :white_check_mark:

Isk received, transfer initiated.


thank you brother \o/

Toon received \o/
All seems in good order.
Post can be closed :closed_lock_with_key: