Selling my Revenant + fit (complete package).

Fit is worth 72.5B (discounted) and contains plenty of officers and rolled mods (28%+ DDA’s, …)
Includes all possible refits you could ever need. More info can be received via discord DM’s.

Time is not of issue here.

consider sell without fit ?

Only if the offer is one I cant refuse.

what is asking price?

250 or more

Ok i pass :slight_smile:

Location? Also could you DM the fit?

Can you provide me with your discordID?

I’ll DM it to you ingame later on today.

if it can be found in low sec, my offer is 250 bil

Interested with the fit^_^
could you show a list or link?

Mail me your discord id and I will contact you tomorrow my time normally.

The ship will be docked in lowsec ofcourse.

Sent you an evemail with my discord contact info

Discord messages sent.

This is an officer/abyssal/faction fit Revenant. Includes every possible refit you could need or desire.

Up up up


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