Looking for 160

150b b/o offer

152 bil

Thanks for the offers. Looking for a little more bring it up a small notch and it’s yours

155 bil. how is it fitted? can you move it closer to where I live if i buy?

This is a hull only (or the price would be different). I will not move it out of the NPC station.

155.5 contract to me

157 and we have a deal

I’ll do 157b, contract it to me and give me a day.

Edit: Btw can I fit it while it’s in an NPC station?


Appreciate the bidding. Seems interest stays so let’s not overbid by 1 isk.

To reply, yes you can fit it in an npc station.

Dude, you said 157b and deal to which I accepted. Can you honor this please?

its not 1 isk its 100 mil

so 157.100 mil to make you understand better

Not kidding 99.99% chance your titan is going to get killed

so good luck with that

First, you try to steal my buyout, now you’re saying that the it is most likely going to get killed…ON THE SAME ship that you are trying to get, ROFL.

You don’t know who I am. Unlike you, who’s posting on a toon that belongs to Pandemic Horde. Very clever…LOL

Just how old are you kid? Grow up. Geez…

You know what, I retract all offers.

Thread owner is bad mannered anyway.

LoL what will i do by knowing you .I am sure you are a noob and kid yourself who is asking if he can fit a titan in npc station ROFL .

And secondly that 157 b/o was given to me by the buyer first and not you bkz i posted there first.

You retract your bid bkz you are afraid to undock as you have 0 knowledge of capitals .

Go fly a frigate first

157.1 bil max offer

Tell you what, i’ll contract it to the other guy for 157 meme-boy.

Contracting soon

Contract up