• No kill rights,
  • Wallet is positive
  • npc corp, high sec location
  • LvL 4 Missions
  • Ton of ship skins

75B B/O

45B offer

50b if move right now :slight_smile:

If this is a reply to my post, I am NOT the owner of this character/account

51b50b if move right now

52b offer

55B offer

57b offer

Thanks for the offers, a bit low atm

58b, not worth much more

Thanks for your input, but the skin collection alone is around 20bil… although that may not be of value to you, someone else might be interested

Bump bump

60B offer

60B Do you think this price can be sold? If it doesn’t work, I’ll go see the others

I will take 65

Let’s take a step back. 63B , can we make a deal?

That price is acceptable

So prepare for the transaction?

I’ll start ISK transfer if you accept the price.

I accept the price, I will be out for a few hours though