With the news of probably no more AT ships for the alliance tournament then now the Chrmoas is even greater! Grab one of the Best AT ships ever done by CCP!

Another day…

another dollar!

Chremoas isn’t worth 200b, no wonder you’re not receiving any offers. Max people would pay is 160.

who are you to declare its value?

you are part of a group that try to manipulate prices on here of the AT ships. CCP should investigate you all.

This one sold. There is another one currently for 210 and the previous to that sold for 190+ so yeah, 200 is pretty much spot on for current worth and with the very very high possibility of no more AT ships then it’s going to go even higher.

Worth every iskie. Might be in the market for another one hunny bunny. Just got to check with the hubby - he went nuts when I took his Molok fund to grab the last one. :joy:


186 bid

187b iskies

I sold 3 months ago for more than that… Dont confuse what youre willing to pay for what others do pay.

Dont tell anybody plz



FOLD. I had four kings

All mails replied to.

All to own a slightly better small FW complex camper. :smiley:

Better than paying for an Imp, all to wreck your killboard.

I earned my imp actually, and used it how AT ships should be used, not sitting in a hangar. :slight_smile:

did you know…