(Miyk VonHouesen) #1

Hey there,

I have an alt for sale for 6bs…

Positive Sec Status, etc…

Contact 2020Hawk in game.


(Starlord Hekki) #2

3B isk ready

(little zeno) #3

chatted ingame and agreed on 5B
I offer 5 B for it

(Miyk VonHouesen) #4


(Miyk VonHouesen) #5

Waiting for is transfer, will then start the transfer process.

(Miyk VonHouesen) #6

Please send account you want me to transfer it to in game chat.


(little zeno) #7

isk sent 5bill from character Zeno Phobe

(Miyk VonHouesen) #8

Isk recieved !

Thank you.

(Miyk VonHouesen) #9

Account information received and transfer has been initiated.

(Miyk VonHouesen) #10

Transfer fee paid. Character is on its’ way! Enjoy Him!

(little zeno) #11

thanks! received email confirmation that I will receive that char.

(Miyk VonHouesen) #12


(system) #13

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