• 1 bonus remap available
  • 1 yearly remap
  • positive sec
  • positive wallet
  • Located in LS (Rannoze)

+5 perc/intel training implants (attributes specc’d for intel/perc)

JFC (6 days from V)
Cyber V
250k unallocated

Decent start on laboratory skills as well.

Located in Perimeter

Plex transfer will be used

B/O: 7b

jump fuel so expensive these days people are training conservation before calibration… free bump

ill do 5.5 mate.

Thanks for the offers, going in the right direction!


@L_Uta willing to meet me at 6.25b? ('m the owner of sister)

@Brock_Khans sure.

alright i’ll accept it, you can send the isk and account name to Stepsister, and I’ll submit the support ticket to transfer once that is all received. Let me know when its sent.

Isk and account name sent.

both received, ticket submitted:

Character transferred. Speedy quick GM action

Character received. All good.

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