(SOLDED)WTS 8.4M Character

Date of Birth 2010-04-30
Skill Points 8,480,635
Minmatar character
Yearly Remap 1
Bonus Remaps 1
Security Status 0.0
Character location Jita
Wallet balance 0 isk not negative
No kill rights
passowrd 123

Currently Looking for 7bil

I am for sell


6.5B , offer

reduce 7 bill ^^

7.3B offer, I think it is a good price.

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deal agree with 7.3b

let me know when have send the isk. so I can immediately transfer.

Thanks, ISK and account information has been sent!

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ISK received thank you :slight_smile: enjoy cyno / sp farm :100:


Char recived,Thx

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