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(Mj11jM Hegirin) #2

Wrong forum, you’re looking for the character bazaar. not sales ads

Edit: Ignore, it was moved

(Teebling) #3

Thanks I moved it when I saw your post :slight_smile:


(Teebling) #5


(Teebling) #6


NB brought start price down to 70.

(Teebling) #7

Bumpy :slight_smile:

(Teebling) #8


(Orion Kerensky) #9

Deal agreed on. I will send isk and account info asap

(Teebling) #10

Confirm deal agreed at 60b buyout.

(Hammersmashed face) #11

Interesting. I’d have given you 67b as you’re selling below extraction value

(Teebling) #12

Transfer hasn’t started yet so if you’d like to formally offer 67b then I’ll accept unless Orion would like to offer more.

(Hammersmashed face) #13

Nope, I’m no sniper. Sell to orion :slight_smile:

(Orion Kerensky) #14

Isk and account info sent

Sent a different account to send it to. Thanks

(Teebling) #15

Account info and ISK received.

Transfer initiated.

Thanks :slight_smile:

(system) #16

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