Solitaire. is recruiting corporations of all types!

(Cobra Acid) #1

Solitaire. (SLT) is recruiting corporations from all aspects of eve. Industry, mining, PvP, and all types of corporations are welcome. We live in the region of Paragon Soul. We are also near period basis where we can pew :).

What we offer:

  • Laid back leadership team with qualified FC’s
  • Well established logistics
  • Stable systems that can be defended
  • Access to ratting anomalies
  • Access to engineering complexes
  • Competitive buyback program (95%)

What we look for:

  • Willingness to provide API keys
  • Willingness to use TeamSpeak 3
  • Corporations must have a minimum of 20 players
  • Players who are willing to cooperate and have a calm attitude
  • Corporations who are willing to provide 10% tax towards the alliance.

Please mail any questions and/or applications to Cobra Acid.

(Cobra Acid) #2

Recruitment still open!:slight_smile:

(Cobra Acid) #3

We are still looking for players:).

(Cobra Acid) #4

Join us now!