Solo Player LF WH alliance to join

Hey there guys. Im on the prowl for a WH alliance or rental sort of agreement. I am predominately a solo player, though obv i love jumping into fleets and killing stuff on the side from time to time. My KB supports this. Anyways, Im not in the situation that promotes me being uber-social (in process of moving so irregular hours) at least for a time.

What im looking for is a WH alliance with a 0.0 static of some sort that wouldnt mind a solo guy joining in on ops and keeping mapper updated etc… or one that would allow me to rent access to their Hole via using their stations. I am a multiboxer w/multiple accounts angled at WH life, but i am not a PVE guy at all. I am only wanting access to 0.0 via a WH home so i can do solo BLOPs and roam out with two-three of my precursors/t3s to troll the 0.0 ratters etc…

my corporate spread:
main - 91 mil sp (all subcaps other than t2 bs, i do have t2 bs for minmatar/gallente)
alt 1 - 65 mil sp (all gall/min t2/t3s up to cruiser
alt 2 - perfect booster damnation/or vulture
alt 3- out of corp 34 mil sp black cyno-loki pilot
alt 4- out of corp 33 mil sp stratios focused pilot w/perfect scanning skills
alt 5- 54 mil sp t2 hauler / station gunner (maxed) / anchoring t2 lg bubbles / devoter/legion/zealot

in addition all can use: minmatar/amarr stealth bomber, precursors up to battlecruiser (two with leshak and t2 guns) , stratios, astero, Sentry Domi, minmatar t2/t3 frigs, dessies

I dont tend to fly all at once, but i have done so in the past and am willing for defensive purposes to put them all (aside from my t2 lg gunned toons of which i have 3) into Sentry Boats or Rattlers for station defense. If i must i can fit up both a Lif and a Naglfar (though id prefer not to)

Anyways hit me up with offers. I dont do PvE except to help others out, i pay for my in game stuff out of game. (played since 06 , not that interested in shooting npcs tbh)

I am however not interested in joining any corp, or anything that would make me move my toons out of my current corp.

ps: if you dont like the idea of some random dude renting out or living in your station i am fine setting up my own small one for personal use if that is what you want. Mainly i want access and some people to fly with and shoot the ■■■■ with.
pss: thanks for your time

Just set up an Astrahus in a C1 or C3 with a NS static and you’re done? You don’t need to rent for this, nobody will mess with you :slight_smile:

I was thinking that, just i also want in on some fleet pvp from time to time, just not a constant thing. If that makes sense.

Spectre Fleet, Bombers Bar, etc. No reason to join a player alliance unless you want to get involved and play with them, you’re just wasting your/their time.

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