SOLUS Evolution Corp - PVP/PVE/Mining - US/EU/AU

Who we are:
We are part of the InPanic Alliance in Cobalt Edge. InPanic is a sov holding entity in drone Region and a member of DRF coalition.

What We offer:

  • Newbro friendly
  • PVP [Home Defence / Sub-cap / Blops & Capital Warfare]
  • PVE in Drone Lands (need I say more?) - Fully upgraded systems.
  • Industrial support: Corp buy-back. T1 hulls @ cost (including Capitals). Mine in fully upgraded space (Including Ice)
  • Mature team environment
  • Keepstar for big-boy toys

Capital Program

  • Capital give away for all active corp members based on participation in corp activities.


  • Willingness to train Alliance doctrines
  • Participate in Corporation & Alliance Operations
  • Teamspeak & Discord
  • Full API Check
  • Thick Skin

Contact us in game as well by contacting our recruitment team, Mikuhoko Ipa or MCTripline or join us in our “Solus Recruitment” channel.

The question is, is the keepstar alliance owned, or blue owned. Shoot me a message in game.


It is alliance owned. we are not renters. :slight_smile: Will contact you in-game

Cheers, Miku

Welcome to all new members!

All null sec corps/alliances will have at some point CTA’s and strat ops. If you want null sec and dont want CTA’s, you may be SOL.

Joining a new corp is a process, both you and the corp should take their time and make sure it’s a good fit. Never rush into anything in eve.

All corp applications must be accompanied by a full API sent to our recruitment team.

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