[SOLVED] Unknown grant_type: 'authorization_code'

SOLUTION: I was using the wrong Content-Type

  • I had x-www-form-urlencoded should (for this snippet) be json

I am working on a local copy of an app and am getting a 400 response code with “Unknown grant_type”.

I have done some googling and only references to this that I found were because the grant_type was actually wrong. This is not the case in my code. I have seen some other posts about this as well but for other auth paths that weren’t similar enough to get a resolution from.

Any help / suggestions are very much appreciated.

I am using Node.js with requests module installed. Code is below:
(ID:SECRET string is redacted)

            url: "https://login.eveonline.com/oauth/token",
            headers: {
                "Content-Type": "application/x-www-form-urlencoded",
                "Authorization": "Basic id:secret"
            body: JSON.stringify({
                "grant_type": "authorization_code", //line that seems to be generating the error
                "code": code
        function(e, r, b) {
            if (e) {
                console.log("An Error");
            } else {

Are you base64 encoding your ID:SECRET string?

If so it just sounds like the requests lib isn’t making the request correctly. Could you give a sample of what the request looks like from the browser?

I used btoa to encode the string (first thing i found). Is there a better method?

The request fails with a 404 when working from a browser (since POST I think) but in Postman (Chrome App) it works fine. Postman generates the code but is using XMLHTTPRequest.

If the string you got from btoa works in Postman then that wouldn’t be the issue i would think.


Try changing your Content-Type header to application/json

Worked a treat!

Thanks a million (because I’m spacepoor) :smiley:

NP :slight_smile:

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