Some of you may die but that's a sacrifice I'm prepared to make

glad to have you with us :slight_smile:


Glad you joined us


“• Ability to understand English - bonus points if you understand unusual languages like Afrikan, Urdu or Scottish”. Do you mean Afrikaans? We just call it “Dutch for Dummies” down here :slight_smile:

Where abouts are you based? And is there a pvp requirement? Or can us ratters/miners/indy/carebears get away with doing our stuff?


Hey, thanks for replying, we are based in paragon soul. PVP is based on corp participation so not individuals within the corp, we don’t track per pilot. There is a general rule that if a fleet is called that you try to join it where possible but RL comes first. if you can’t fly pvp ships then even if you rock up with a vigil from time to time then that helps. if you wanna chat head over to our discord


If they fight underwater does the bear get SCUBA gear? also are they armed? A bear with halberd is hard as nails, but i dont think anyone can beat a Mako shark with an AR-15.
not even sure if i’m in the right place but that probaly makes me a good fit for you guys.
I’m a long time fluffy solo pve idiot returning after a few years break. Worst KB in the game. S-tier useless.
I wanna get into null and the big corp fleet battle shenannigans, and start playing eve properly.
Ive have just over 100mill SP and can fly basically all subcaps bar a couple, and gonna train into caps in the next couple of months even if i never get to fly them.
happy to be bossed around for a bit while i find a fit for meself in the group.
hit me up if you wanna…
also sorry for the gigantic message.

The bear and shark are both flying F16’s but neither has any weapons onboard.
We don’t judge Killboards, as nearly all our PVP is at alliance level so yours will quickly go green as we almost all fights.
We offer fights of all sizes, from defending against roaming fights, to our own blops and roaming fleets, to the full coalition level cap battles. Pick and choose what you want to join on.
You’d be welcome to come have a chat, click on the discord link and ill have a recuiter have a chat with you






That has to be the funniest I’ve seen in recruitment
Good luck guys.

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