Some of you may die but that's a sacrifice I'm prepared to make

So, why are you reading this?
Bored of spinning your ship around in station?
Tired of listening to some deranged Russian madman having a epic meltdown in fleet comms?
Have you realised that mission running is about as boring as listening to your spouse talk about their day?
Fed up of bigger alliances beating the living sh’t out of you and selling you back your own corpse?

What do we offer?

• A thriving local null sec market where you pay more and get less - We offer two for the price of three deals
• We are a few jumps from the largest market in null (Goons 1DQ) and we give you the opportunity to die on the way back with a full cargohold
• Enough Discord pings to drain your phones battery several times per day
• Special offers where if you buy all the doctrine ships we just make more doctrines
• PVP - Whether you like it small, big, solo, none committal or without consent - we got you covered
• Mining - A great opportunity to be blingy bait for our large PVP base
• Moon Mining - For those of you that still live in your mums basement and haven’t touched grass in a while
• Exploration - Every hole is a goal, if you love holes then you wouldn’t be playing Eve
• Ratting - A chance to give the entire corp a laugh when your blingy ship death posts of Zkillboard
• Ship Replacement Program – always blame the FC if you die in fleet

So then, who are we?
We are the “Misfits of the Unknown” (don’t worry, it makes no sense to us either) and part of Ligma Balls Gindr alliance, no wait, its called Sigma Grindset. For our past crimes, we own the entirety of Paragon Soul in null (everyone loves a move Op). As you can see by what we have to offer, we are laid back players and those who join us very rarely ever leave. We are part of the “Imperium” with access to all goon space.

We specialise in providing you all types of content that’s available in Eve from small/large/gigantic scale PVP, every type of industry, ratting, etc. We understand that real life comes first so all the content we create for you us always optional if you want to join.

What are we looking for

• Players across all world time zones including -
• Those from smaller U.S. states like Canada and Mexico
• Aussies are permitted but must first pass an English test
• German players are not given wardec privileges but are welcome to join
• All English players except those that like Piers Morgan or Smithy
• EU players - it’s about time the EU provided something useful

• Ability to understand English - bonus points if you understand unusual languages like Afrikan, Urdu or Scottish
• Microphone - Higher chance of being accepted if you do a Wookie impression during interview - you aren’t required to talk in fleets but it is required during application chat
• Skillpoints - We have no minimum requirement but ideally you’d be at least able to fly a shuttle
• Bitter and salty vets - yeah yeah Eve’s dying, come tell us all about how it was in 2008 old chap. We’ll have your stuff when you “win eve” again
• PVPers - its easier to ask for forgiveness than permission! Sigma is a heavy PVP focused alliance but not all pilots must fight
• Indy players - Someone has to mine and build the ships cos most of us cant be bothered
• No minors - Sorry but until your balls have dropped you can’t join as we can’t deal with screechy mcscreechyface on comms
• No spies - If you want to spy go on Reddit, our plans are posted there before we even get informed of them

How do you chat to us?
Discord - click here to jump in and have a chat with our recruiters, advise them “Clara” recruited you and we will talk you through the process and what we offer. probably.





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yes bro

wtf is wrong with you




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more fresh meat needed




Bump! Great corp, i’ve joined couple weeks ago and i’m loving it. Daily fleets, great space to live in, chill FCs and friendly corpmates.


Awesome group of folks to game with , wiling to help new players learn. And kick but or mine/ industry with more experienced players.

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Glad you like it, good to have you with us

Bofu Von Clicky does lap dances with Tau’lar inserting singles in his panties on your behalf. Only reason why I joined and stayed!

And no, I don’t share.

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I thought you were here for our annual Misfits Nude calendar?