Like to RAT? Want that DANK NULL ISK?

This is your lucky day! We are living in sov null sec and need RATTERS!

No PVP skills necessary beyond watching dscan and local and no SP limits. Come live in our space, base out of our Fortizar, and rat your ass off to help keep our military index up! No CTAs, no catches, and LOW 10% tax rate. We don’t care if you can’t PVP we just need you to run sites and collect that dank ISK, nothing else.

Come alone or bring friends! Sign your whole corporation up with our alliance, and come out to null where the REAL ISK is being made!

Like to mine? We’ve got an Athanor and do moon pulls, and you’re welcome to join in on that too!

Also, if you WANT to learn to PVP, join our fleets and have some fun! We don’t care about losses so if you get killed, no one will give you a hard time or make fun of you. We are a super easy-going group.

Take a chance! Try out null sec finally! What are you waiting for? Join GOZ1LLA today!

Active Times (for pvp, rat anytime you want): EU - 20:00 US - 02:00

Discord Link:

Ingame Channel: Public Rainbow Meltdown


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