Misfits of the Unknown thriving in Paragon Soul!

Bored of spinning your ship around in station?

Tired of listening to some deranged Russian madman having a epic meltdown in fleet comms?

Have you realised that mission running is about as boring as listening to your spouse talk about their day?

Fed up of bigger alliances beating the living sh’t out of you and selling you back your own corpse?

We are the “Misfits of the Unknown” and part of Sigma Grindset in Paragon Soul. As you can see by what we have to offer, we are laid back players and those who join us very rarely ever leave. We are part of the “Imperium” with access to all goon space.

We specialise in providing you all types of content that’s available in EVE from small/large/gigantic scale PVP, every type of industry, ratting, etc. We understand that real life comes first so all the content we create for you is always optional if you want to join.

What are we looking for

• Ability to understand English - bonus points if you understand unusual languages like Afrikan, Urdu or Scottish

• Microphone - you aren’t required to talk in fleets but it is required during application chat

• Bitter and salty vets - yeah yeah Eve’s dying, come tell us all about how it was in 2008 old chap. We’ll have your stuff when you “win eve” again

• PVPers - Sigma is a heavy PVP focused alliance but not all pilots must fight

• Indy players - Someone has to mine and build the ships cos most of us cant be bothered

• No spies - If you want to spy go on Reddit, our plans are posted there before we even get informed of them

What do we offer?

• A thriving local null sec market

• We are a few jumps from the largest market in null (Goons 1DQ) and we give you the opportunity to die on the way back with a full cargohold


• Mining

• Moon Mining

• Exploration

• Ratting

• Ship Replacement Program

• Monthly PLEX Giveaways

How do you chat to us?

Misfits Of The Unknown - Jump in and have a chat with our recruiters!

Gradually updating our space with the new changes!