SH.CR withing Sigma recruiting



Join Shadowcrew. Nullsec PVP without the elite pvp. Us and EU TZ Join our small family of blood thirsty “hooligans” who occasionally pull off a good kill but are just as happy to blow up trying!

You dont need to have 10 authed mumbles and 10 authed discords!

Want to try null? Great. We have access to waaay to much of it.

Want to mine dank moons? Corp R32s for minimal tax and alliance R64 at competitive taxes. R16 down is free.

Want those tasty plates? Welcome to sansha space.

Wanna drop blops? We have them staged and hunting on two fronts.

Want to FC? Sigma has extensive mentorship.

Hoping to join the war in the north and see massive fleets? Yea that’s a thing.

Wanna just hang with pals, blow ■■■■ up or get blown up and laugh about it? That’s what we do.

We’re a small corp in Sigma Grindset, and a member of imperium, with full access to all their services. This comes with a wealth of null space, moons, and solid Indy set up. We offer mentorship, skillbooks for doctrine, a wealth of experience and mentorship in corp and alliance, a low ratting tax, and a focus on having fun.

With the current war there are ample opportunities to shoot pandas, or roam more locally with easy access to ripe hunting grounds of the SEA.

There are additional opportunities for FW. Monthly rewards to top killers, and dread alt training subsidies are also in corp benefits.

What we require: a mic and mumble, conversational English, a coachable attitude (we’re all still learning), and a desire to fight.

Unfortunately you do need at least 2 braincells. One for the mouse, one to watch adult videos instead of broadcasts, and another to listen to our FC sign in resignation. (yeah thats 3 but counting is just as hard as reading)

20+ million SP outside of mining/industry/trade is preferred: sigma is a pvp alliance and generally flys less HACs, more BS. We want you to be able to train into the mainline doctrine soon as possible. If you have any other alts even better!

Ideally EU and US tz. We have players across timezones, who work off hours, and are often on, but we have a limited AU presence, and the whole point of eve is to hang out in space with homies.

What we value the most within our alliance is teamwork environment and having fun. And most importantly that you are having fun. There is always a teammate when you need in mumble so you will never feel alone in a vast space of eve.

If interested: in game mail S8tan994 SaintSinner or MichioPa, or slide into our discord ShadowCrew and @MichioPa or @S8tan994 SaintSinner , or Join our ingame chat channel SShadowss

Do yourself a favor and make a deal with the devil himself and have oportunity to join not only friends…but family too…it only costs you arm and a leg.

still looking for players
Join our corp and lose more than just a tackle

we are still looking for fresh members :smiley:
come and join us and lose more than just a tackle <3

well guys…we still are recruiting…dont make me beg you…cuz i wont

or maybe i will we will never know :smiley:

still looking for new members :smiley:

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