|5IGMA| Sigma Grindset - Recruiting Active, Capable Corporations

Sigma Grindset is growing, and offering interested corporations the opportunity to join a highly-competent, team oriented alliance where they can be major players. In EVE scale, we are a small organization, but we punch above our weight thanks to a wealth of pilot and leadership experience. Sigma has room and resources for your corp to grow. We provide experienced FCs, logistics, and infrastructure. Alliance tax income is poured back directly into corp and player development, funding regional infrastructure and the best SRP you’re going to get anywhere.

What we have to offer:

  • Experienced FCs
  • Frequent content with everything from filament roams and police fleets to regional level adversaries and coalition content
  • Leadership team with combined decades in game
  • Reasonable Taxes
  • Rock solid SRP
  • Top-notch logistics and doctrine seeding
  • Battleships!

What we don’t:

  • Sharecropping semi-renter nonsense
  • ‘Value’ systems to buy us faction supers and you Cormorants
  • A blue donut with no content in sight

5IGMA has excellent tactical and strategic allies, combined with a desire to stand independently and fight at an alliance-vs-alliance level wherever possible. Whether you lead an established Corp or are an individual pilot shopping for an alliance home, Sigma has something for you.

In-game recruiting channel: Sensible Recruits

If one is not good at pvp that’s fine. If one can listen one will learn, and if one learns one will be GREAT.

Tired of big alliances and there non-invasion pack’s that kill content? Wish you could kick both sides in the dick from time to time, then look no further.

the family that slays together stays together

sensible people doing sensible things



come hunt with us

Now I live lean and I mean to inflict the grief, and the least of me’s still out of your reach. The killing machine’s gonna do the deed, until the river runs dry and my last breath leaves.
Chin in the air with a head held high, I’ll stand in the path of the enemy line. Feel no fear, know my pride: for God and Country I’ll end your life.


come fly with us

not going anywhere

You Take The Red Pill - You Stay In Wonderland, And I Show You How Deep The Rabbit Hole Goes.

We’re all mad here

An application of defending your castle placements
Miss me with the royalty-speak
My feelings on kings and queens will have you recoil at me
I think you spoiled, welcome to this senseless prison planet
Where the rules of acquisition are more useful than the ten commandments

You roll with lames that give “yes” praises and never challenge you
You’d be reduced back into star dust if I ever battled you

The permittivity of free space
You follow trends while we cheat fate

Shot forward, zooming past the top quark
Where the space-time and energy roads do not fork
I’ve been slept on since the electron
West born, home of the place they’ll leave your chest warm
Photonic crystals are my playthings
Rap at this scale spoken at gamma ray wavelengths
Blaze beats, on my way to H3
Unstable combustible isotopes at great heat