GFI Recruiting - Have a look!


We at GFI, or Grain Fields Inc. if you want the full name, are a tight little group of people who enjoy playing though the struggles this game has to offer in an active but casual manner.

When we’re not diving into things that earns us precious ISKs we’re out blowing people up or getting screwed ourselves. It matters not to us. The real reward is content. And that is what we offer to those willing to work for it.

Things we are currently into are:

  • PvP
  • Industry & Manufacture
  • Exploration
  • Missions
  • Incursions
  • Training/Improving ourselves

Further more we have several places we living at based on what we want to do. We got some Highsec stuff to chill at, got some Lowsec stuff to run around and Nullsec to carve out a future where we make up our own rules.

With us you deside your own level of involvement. Tho we do expect every member to aid another when asked for and able to. Cooperation is the most powerfull force in Eve, and it’s something we take serious. Also, its makes most things just that much more fun.

So what kind of player are we looking for?
Well, if the above appeals to you already you might have a good chance to fit in. But just incase I’ll elaborate a bit more.

We want players who want to have a good time with fellow corp mates, that understand that being part of a corporation means that sometimes you do something for the common good of the corp instead of just for yourself. Players who want to challenge themselves at times and aren’t afraid to fail.

What we aren’t looking for are players who seek to be at the top of the killboards and/or are overly competitive to be the best in whatever they do.

We use Discord as a comms tool to chat in/out of game and organise things. Being able to get on there is a must or you’ll have a hard time keeping up with events.

New Players are also welcome to join us. We have experience in nearly every aspect of the game and we’re willing and able to share this with you if asked for.

If you have any questions contact me ingame or Stoner Ed, uk2008uk Badasaz

I’m sure… positive, that as of now, same as back then, we’re open for recruitment.

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we have space cookies

and blue milk!

we are currently looking for new blood for the blood god!

join our recruitment discord

Blood god Attrace?.. To each his own.

But ya, joins please. We a decent corp with plenty to offer if you willing to go for it.

Blood for the Blood God, Skulls for the Skull Throne! it’s a Warhammer thing…

Join us and crazy stuff like that could fill your corp chat channel!

Should I crawl into a corner now and shame?

Well, we’re looking for new members. Young, old, blue or with cherries on top is all good.

As long as you like playing eve and are willing to put some effort into it every once in a while.

i have free pvp frigs come get one blown up with us!

we offer Hookbills and blow…ing up spaceships

Time really seems to fly along these days. Incredible!

But we have some new promising developments in our neck of the woods providing challenging but managable content for indies and pvp folk alike.

Give us a call @ 555-BEST-CORP-EVAH! … :cheese:

Nah, just contact us ingame or through here.

Laterrr! o7

As I said time indeed flies!

But on topic now!

Highest demand right now are PvP guys. However, if you indy/pve focussed we want you as well as long as you are willing to aid in the defense of our stuff when needed.

Things we do or plan on supporting are lowsec piracy, dives into null, and taking down structures on occasion.

Also thinking about starting to give a crap about our killboard… not sure on that one tho. But we might have to :roll_eyes:

Eeeeey :+1:

Come join! What else?

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