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Great Group of guys, highly recommend to anyone looking for a home in NS!


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You know how they approach this stuff
Educate em, before the counter culture does
Intimidate em if they ever try tovulture us
Then we enslave em, with useless stuff and mortgages
The sum of our parts we are more than us
More than just haircuts chucks and gorgeous butts
Still we engage em, useless dialogue and such
Should we erase em? maybe they’ll engage us first
To be a nation we must get past our hatred curse
I served in the uniform and tasted dirt
With all different types and races grazing earth
Just looking for a way to get past our ancient hurt

Many scientists say, “See? We’ve scanned the heavens and we see no evidence of any intelligent life in outer space.” Probably send signals, not on one frequency, but perhaps on the entire spectrum, so that a passing star will not interrupt the entire signal. Now we are really a type zero civilization and beings of a type three civilization can soar across hyperspace. They are perhaps millions of years more advanced than us. The distance between us and ants would be the same comparable distance between type three and a type zero civilization. We are so arrogant, so conceited, that we say “They MUST visit us. We’re so important that they’re going to interrupt all their business just to come to us and give us a little bit of super technology.” I don’t think so

you can fall from grace
Just by thinking that all of the human gods are fake
You have now entered sovereign space
Resolved is the faction
Reverse course or be subjected to defensive action
This is the Captain
Aimin’ missiles at your cabin
Issuing the fire orders to send you into panic
…I predator eagle you feeble rabbits
…I can set your holiest book on fire just by speaking at it

shameless bump

drop in are In-game recruiting channel: Sensible Recruits and say hi

Tired of big alliances and there non-invasion pack’s that kill content? Wish you could kick both sides in the dick from time to time, then look no further.

we want you!

bing bong

murder death kill

You can’t make someone else’s choices. You shouldn’t let someone else make yours.

You can’t make someone else’s choices. You shouldn’t let someone else make yours.

Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier.

Get mad, then get over it.

Remain calm. Be kind.

“I don’t measure a man’s success by how high he climbs but by how high he bounces when he hits bottom.”

Opportunity is missed by most because is it dressed in overalls and looks like work.

Some succeed because they are destined to; most succeed because they are determined to.

To be pleased with one’s limits is a wretched state