Something about Arctic Marines

I know they are no more than “useless items”, but i’m just curious about:

  1. Why do they take up so much space? like 32 cubic meters, that is huge. lets say that includes a person (which is around 0.1 cubic meters IRL I believe?) and their equipments (which include speedy snow bikes), total estimation will be around, what? 0.2 or 0.3 cubic meters? WHAT ARE THE REST FOR!?!?!?

  2. They are classified as “Livestocks” (lolwut)

dang, i must be fun at parties.

Its plural, so its more than one marine.

Sounds like about a companies worth of marines + equipment:


Should fit fairly neatly into 32m3.

Iirc, most Littoral or Marine deployment ships have a hold/space of roughly that dimension for a Marine Company. (Talking US/UK etc, Finnish Navy doesnt have dedicated ships that large.) We deploy from very fast small ships which carry a platoon each.


T: Finnish Jaeger Ensign/Second Lieutenant, Signals.
About halfway to promotion to Lieutenant.


PS: Yes we are livestock, but with guns.
PPS: Arctic Marine is a bit of a contradiction, since amphibious landings are very difficult in frozen conditions.
PPPS: Yes, I too am “that guy” at parties.


artica is melting, so there will be plenty amphibious landings soon. I didn’t know Finland has marines. I always thought marines are invading type of units.

Finland lost access to the Arctic waters as a result of WWII.
However all of our coastal, and internal waters eventually freeze over.
(This year, winter has been mild so far.)

There are two Brigades of amphibious infantry in Finland, the Coastal Brigade, and Nylands Brigade. Both are part of the Navy, rather than a separate organization, like US Marines.

The term “Marine”, in its most classical sense, refers to infantry which travel aboard ships and are specialized in amphibious landings. Unlike the US or UK, Finland only deploys such infantry to defend its own coasts and complex archipelago.

Personnel in the Nylands Brigade have a special right to the title of “Jaeger”, owing to the Brigade’s continuity back from 1626 when it was founded by King Gustavus Adolphus the Great, whilst we where part of the Swedish Kingdom, and are nowadays primarily deployed from the water as a spearhead unit.

The Coastal Brigade primarily deploys from land, to secure the coast from that direction.

In other words, the Coastal Brigade is the anvil, and the Nylands Brigade is the swinging hammer.


Returning to EVE relevance, man, I so wish CCP would implement planet surface warfare, such as in conjunction with PI.

So much potential for a whole new mini-game, especially for people bored out of their minds on PI.

Perhaps even a space structure minigame with space marines, to capture structures (such as POCOs) rather than outright destroy them with ships.

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omg I’m so embarassed right now, I forget north border of Finland is with Norway actually. Still have a pre II WW map in may head…

is it a title or military rank?

so it’s more like coastal defence rather than expeditionary force.

I wish we still had even a narrow avenue, so as to entitle us to potential Arctic oil reserves… Also wish we had even a narrow avenue to Lake Ladoga… Also wish we still had Viaborg, which my grandparents had to flee, and is now a complete dump…

I suppose that is the price we had to pay to not fall behind the Soviet curtain.

Its both a rank and a title for a private in Nylands Brigade. After any promotion, the rank takes precedent, but the title remains.

Yes. We dont have the necessary equipment to mount an amphibious invasion of for example Tallinn, Stockholm or St.Petersburg, nor any interest therein. Equipment is keyed towards rapid aggressive response on the Finnish coast and archipelagos.

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arctic will be hot place soon because of oil, but I was born and raised under soviet occupation (you may call it iron curtain), not worth it.

I think we will be able to work something out with the Norskies, eventually.
Sweden, Norway and Finland are pretty tight when it comes to defense of the North.
Estonia is a key strategic ally, and we do a lot of work together with them.
I love our cousins in the south.

I lived in Moscow from 91-96. I saw how bad it was under the Soviet curtain, even in its capital. Good riddance.

Sometimes I entertain myself with the thought of filling the numerous huge ocean-liners with space for tens of thousands of troops, and untold tons of equipment, with nominally amphibious assault capacity, that operate to and from Finland, going off on an invasion. We build some of the worlds largest ocean liners here.

Huge fleet of massive floating luxury hotels capable of 30knots could arrive in Tallinn or St.Petersburg within a matter of hours, filled with tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of Finnish conscripts with all necessary support equipment, as well as all of our tanks in their holds. There are also smaller, faster ferry vessels almost perfect for this role, which can hold at least 3 companies each + equipment.

If they manage to arrive afloat and largely intact, establishing a beach-head far greater than the initial landing at Normandy in WWII could be possible in a matter of hours.

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but, but, but eve is about internet spaceships!

Yes, it is.
But is PI about spaceships? Nope.

The mini-game can be fairly simple.
Lots of examples to build off of from similar minigames in various Space 3xX games.

There are already a number of smart phone based app games and browser based games that would fit right into this.

All they need, is “EvEification” and integration into EVEs planet/structure system

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Instead CCP makes simplified, dumbed down clone of EVE on mobile phone with microtransactions for chinese market. :facepalm:

Ill be utterly honest and say I need a dumbed down version of PI. Never could get into it.

Like most things is EVE, its a steep learning curve and initial investment in time/isk, and thereafter casual maintenance. Once you understand it, its not hard.

It doesnt seem expensive to start, I just dont find it particularly ergonomic. Why cant I have a supply link and a transport link to the same place?

Not sure what you mean.

Supplies are both brought to, and shipped from the PI operations, by starship.

No sorry I mean I put a command centre down and a facility. I link the facility so it has power but I cant work out how to get what the facility makes back to the command centre for its storage without running a route to something else.

Ill be the first to admit Im being very stupid but I cant work out in what way.

It is very counter-intuitive in my opinion. I’ll try to find the link which went into sufficient detail that I finally understood.
part 1:
part 2:
The command centre does not need to be linked to anything

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Thank you!

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