Sonic Intoxication - Casual Fun Null Sec Corp

Hello Pilots!

Welcome to the Recruitment post for Sonic Intoxication! Our advert might differ from the common posts. Nothing fancy here, just a group of pilots looking for a few more to fly with.

About Us
We are a small null sec corp located in Cloud Ring. Our members enjoy a casual pace with a good balance of PvE and PvP. Sonic Intoxication cultivates an environment that allows pilots to pursue number avenues of Eve. We’re established in Null with infrastructure to foster just about any road in Eve you’d like to take.


Obviously we’re no PvP powerhouse, but we’re also not a mindless feeder corp. Our members have been playing Eve back to 2003.

What We’re Looking For
Reasonably mature pilots interested in building on the tightknit group, and growing into a powerful cohesive unit. We don’t have a specific requirements for pilots. We’re willing to take on a couple new bros if you’re willing to put in the effort it takes to learn the ins and outs of Eve.

As CEO, I’d like to have a group of about 15-20 active pilots who can work together, and for a common goal, but also have the autonomy to personally progress.

What We Have To Offer
Upgrade Sov Space - PvE and Industry
Moon Mining - r32 and r64 Moons
PvP Opportunities - Fleet Warfare, Sov, Structures, Small Gang, Gate Camps, ESS
SRP - Alliance and Corp supported SRP for Fleet Operations
Established Industrial Infrastructure - Make your Eve Dreams Come True

Application Process
You can apply to the corp, or you can Convo/Evemail Zarosh Dugan. But know this, you’re application will be met with an interview process. Nothing too intensive, just meeting so all parties can have any questions answered before anyone joins.

Zarosh Dugan
CEO - Sonic Intoxication

We’re still looking to expand our ranks.

Bumping For the Exposure

Still Growing Lots of Fun to Be had, Loads of Isk to be earned.

Room for a few more laid back players looking for Null sec.

To the TOP! Now with more Fun!

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